18 December 2016

Indian Polity - India as a Federal form of government

India satisfies the features as a Federal system of government. But it is not a complete federation. India also has other qualities that deviates from the federal form. Of these some are unitary and some are unique.

America and Canada are two federal governments. Though they are federal, they have two different types of federation. India follows the Canadian model of federation.

12 December 2016

Indian Polity - Federal System of Government

Government of India has the features of the Federal system of Government.

What is a Federation?

Federation is a word derived from Latin 'foedus' which means treaty or agreement. By this, the meaning is to be derived as, a federation is a new political system that was formed through a treaty or agreement between different units. Different countries call these units by different names. For example, in US they are called States, in Switzerland they are called Cantons. They are called Provinces in Canada, Republics in Russia.

20 November 2016

Indian National Movement for IAS exam

Indian National Movement is the most important part of the History of India, and also the most important topic for the UPSC Civil services, and other State board exams.

Below are the list of topics under the India's Struggle for Independence.

India's Freedom Struggle

  1. The Revolt of 1857
  2. Rise of National Consciousness
  3. Indian National Congress
  4. Early Nationalists

25 March 2016

Sources of the Indian History

Indian History

Sources of the Indian History

  • About 4500 years ago earliest cities were found around River Indus.
  • About 2500 years ago Cities were found around the River Ganga.
  • The area south to River Ganga is Magadha.
  • About 2500 years ago Iraninans and Greeks came to India.
  • The people in the past moved from one place to another place for different reasons like fook, livelihood and also to escape natural disasters.

19 March 2016

History of India for UPSC

History of India

     an important section for the Indian Administrative Services, is divided into three periods, covers the civilisations, empires, kings, dynasties, revolutions, struggles, Indian Freedom Movement,
  1. Ancient Period
  2. Medieval Period
  3. Modern Period
Here, in upsctutorial, we will discuss the following in detailed →

3 February 2016

Historical background of the Indian Constitution

Historical background of the Indian Constitution

British came to India in 1600 as traders, with the name East India Company
They got the trading right by Queen Elizabeth I
In 1765, they got the Diwani right of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa.

Q: What is Diwani right?
A: Right over revenue and civil justice.

With 1858 Sepoy Mutiny, the British got direct responsibility for the governance of India and it continued till August 15, 1947.

Polity of India

 Indian Polity starts with the study of Constitution of India and its features, how it works and then the politics, elections, government, policies, acts, amendments and many other things.

Indian Polity 

23 January 2016

Geography of India

Geography of India

Geography of India is an important section when covering the subjects of Union Public Service Commission. Let's start our online Indian Administrative Services Preparation.

  • India Size and Location