25 March 2016

Sources of the Indian History

Indian History

Sources of the Indian History

  • About 4500 years ago earliest cities were found around River Indus.
  • About 2500 years ago Cities were found around the River Ganga.
  • The area south to River Ganga is Magadha.
  • About 2500 years ago Iraninans and Greeks came to India.
  • The people in the past moved from one place to another place for different reasons like fook, livelihood and also to escape natural disasters.

19 March 2016

History of India for UPSC

History of India

     an important section for the Indian Administrative Services, is divided into three periods, covers the civilisations, empires, kings, dynasties, revolutions, struggles, Indian Freedom Movement,
  1. Ancient Period
  2. Medieval Period
  3. Modern Period
Here, in upsctutorial, we will discuss the following in detailed →